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Setting-up a transport company in Bulgaria

Our specialized team undertakes the process of setting-up a transportation company in Bulgaria with full monitoring services and flat tax 10%. The stages for setting-up a transport company in Bulgaria include:

A) Company Set up (Limited liability-LLC) (single or multifaceted)
logistics Truck
  1. Includes the preparation and completion of all documentation required for the creation and launch of the company.
  2. Translation of all the documents in any European language.
  3. Submit all documentation in the commercial register of Bulgaria.
  4. Provision of corporate seal of the company.
  5. Opening a corporate account with payment.
  6. Listing of the Company's system VIES.
  7. Registration of the Company's tax status, as well as the customs department for the issuance of (EORI-Economic operator registration and identification code) necessary to custom clearance goods from or to countries of the European union.

The estimate time of company registration process after document signing is 20-25 Days.

B) Insurance and Card trucks issues.
  • Time issue of blue card for 5 years.
  • Issue of mother card
  • Issue for any next card
  • Car Labels, road tax, Moto meter, translations documents, Technical control of trucks for 1 year (6 months for trucks up to 10 years), insurance coverage and green card issue for 1 year.
  • Issuing invoices and original licenses.
  • CMR insurance and commodity coverage.
  • CDW insurance.

Staff Insurance costs
  • The staff insurance estimate costs are:
  • Stamp and insurance covering of the company’s executive director - minimum 75 Euros/month
  • Stamp and insurance covering of the driver is 100 Euros/per month.
  • Stamp and insurance covering for transport manager is 160 Euros/month in case that company wants to recruit Bulgarian employee.

Estimate total time for Launch Company is 40-45 days.