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Our logistics partner operates in Bulgaria providing with a range of flexible and cost effective services, that makes your operations more efficient. The logistics unit located close to the Greek-Bulgarian border and holds new modern facilities with a warehouse of 1500 sq/m and offices offered as base for our customers. Our logistics services are offered through our specialized partner’s network and are available for our corporate customers.

Executive staff facing the management of our customer’s commodities as they would like to manage it by themselves, with the same attention and care, placing them at the heart of their professionalism.

Below we mention some of our services:

  • Providing company base as warehouse.
  • Seasonal storage services.
  • Receipt of commodities from the customs areas or customers facilities.
  • Unloading to our warehouse areas - quantitative and qualitative control.
  • Classification by code or unit traceability.
  • stock management – Archive administration - lot numbers
  • Order system by fax, email, phone contact.
  • Back office and returns management.
  • Shipping under fifo-lifo-fefo.
  • Computerized issue of documents.
  • Collective boxes, picking, preparing orders.

  • Customer’s commodities protected by private insurance company.
  • Our building is under protection by the COT 3DS company security.

  • Shipping payments Managing
  • Direct monitoring deliveries
  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Statistical data
  • Inventory Reports and shipping
  • Commodity Inventories

  • Full cargo services from/to Europe.
  • Full GROUPAGE loads in Greece and Bulgaria
  • Guaranteed deliveries for every city in Greece and Bulgaria through our partners
  • Deliveries to stores or distribution centers
  • Next day deliveries
  • Daily deliveries - urgent deliveries
  • Cross check of shipping.

Customs clearance
  • T1
  • T2
  • Export formalities
  • Import formalities

With the appropriate skilled manpower while having a long experience in the field of transport and storage, we can ensure for you, the assurance and effectiveness of your activities, in the wider region of south-eastern Europe.

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