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Meliton Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services through a team who specializes in Bulgarian market.

Legal support team

Company Set up (Limited liability-LLC) (single or multifaceted)
1) Includes the preparation and compilation of all documentation required for the regitration and launch of the company.
2) Translation of all the documents in the Greek language.
3) Submit all documentation in the commercial register of Bulgaria.
4) Provision of corporate seal of the company.
5) Opening a corporate account.
6) Listing of the Company's system VIES.
7) Notary and legal expenses.
8) Escort and oral translation at services / banks.
9) Registering the address of your company in our headquarters (for 1 year).
10) Consulting and legal services of the new company.

Logistics Services in Bulgaria
Our logistics services operates in Bulgaria providing with a range of flexible and cost effective services, that makes your operations more efficient. The logistic unit located close to the Greek-Bulgarian border and holds new modern facilities with warehouse of 1500 sq/m and offices offered as base for our customers. Our logistics services offered through our specialized partner’s network.

Setting-up a transport company in Bulgaria
We provide full services for setting-up a transport company in Bulgaria offering legal and accounting support. (Read more)

Full Accounting Support
1) Consulting services regarding the accounting department.
2) Bookkeeping Company-accounts.
3) Monthly monitoring records.
4) Computerization services.
5) Carrying out annual tax returns.
6) Registration of the Company's tax status, as well as the customs department for the issuance of (EORI-Economic operator registration and identification code) necessary to custom clearance goods from or to countries of the European union.
7) Complete taxation monitoring.

Strategic and taxation planning
Analysis of the strategic and tax planning of your company according to Bulgarian legislation. Design of development and pricing flows in applications such as e-shop, tourism services, energy resources projects, pharmaceutical, software solutions and websites, trade imports / exports to EU and overseas.

Office support
1) We offer address company base, if there is no space or do not want to use any.
2) Virtual office services: virtual secretariat who responds on behalf of your company, recording and sending back all the daily information.
3) Virtual office phone answering service bridging the gap between you and your numerous clients.

Legal Support.
We provide full legal services for your company.

Market Research / Marketing
We support market researching in Bulgaria for any desirable product and we mediate for offer or buy representing your own needs.

Translations - Interpretation
We offer official translation services from the Bulgarian language to Greek or from Greek to Bulgarian, oral or written, depending on your needs.
Web development/Marketing services
Website translations into Bulgarian language, web constructions, web promotion SEO and SEM campaign, social media marketing.

Commercial support
1) We are searching the workplace for purchase or rent.
2) Find the necessary equipment to start your company.
3) Process and recruitment agencies.
4) Organize events or conferences for commercial purposes.
5) Provide advertising support.

Vehicle Insurance
We provide full insurance coverage packages for all types of heavy vehicles and private cars.

Fleet Management
1) Consulting services for the car market.
2) Classification and registration for the purchase and use of motor vehicles in your company fleet.
3) Entry in your corporate fleet company, yachts and private aircrafts.

We mediate for the procedure of issuing residence permits.

Investment programs
We offer investment proposals and compile requests for a business bank loan.

Promotion of your on-line business in Russia/Belorussia/Ukraine.

What we offer in particular
We offer full range of internet marketing services for your online business creation, promotion and support.
If you just plan to enter the Internet with your business or you want to power up your current web presence, we are here to help you.
Enjoy our special conditions for localizing and promoting your business in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

Website Development
We develop sites that are already optimized for all requirements of search engines. With us you will get a modern marketing tool to attract new customers and partners and get additional revenue.
Consulting and Website Audit
If you already have a website, it doesn’t mean that you already have competitive advantage. Without targeted visitors and buyers it’s just an ordinary yet-another-website, and not a tool to promote your business.
We conduct complex analysis of your project structure and content and provide individual set of recommendations on improvement of the programmatic and graphic components of your website.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM/SEO)

We offer:
- Promotion of your website worldwide in Google, Yahoo, Bing
- Promotion of your website in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet in,,,

Social Media Marketing and Optimization (SMM/SMO)
- Social Media Marketing is a set of measures to promote your website in social media.
- Social Media Optimization is a set of measures to attract visitors to your website by optimizing your website for various social media.
- If you are interested promotion of your website in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, we can additionally help you with:
  • Context advertising in social networks like,
  • groups promotion
  • Advertising in blogs

We offer:
- Context advertising with most popular search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing worldwide.
- Context advertising with most popular search engines in the Russian segment of the Internet:,,

Web Analytics
Every marketer wants to know the efficiency of each method of attracting targeted audience. With Google Analytics we can even measure the output of various SEO activities.
With Google Analytics you will be tracking applications via online order forms, requests via email and even… phone calls!
Our analysis will help you:
  • Eliminate weak points of your website: too complicated order form, too long visitors path with too many clicks, incorrect landing page and many more
  • Determine the cost per each buyer: calculating the cost required to attract a buyer will help us to adjust the campaign with the best output

Our experienced team will help you for a successful on-line prosper.